The majority of Blue Yonder pieces are made with exceptionally delicate glass beads, nylon stringing threads, nylon or polyester macrame strings, and brass, silver, gold-plated, or gold-filled materials.  Given the delicate nature of these components, keep your Blue Yonder items away from substances that could corrode the integrity of the beads or strings.  Some of these elements include water, soap, hand sanitizer, sweat, lotion, oil, and hair products.  When not being worn, either store your items hanging or in the pouches they arrived in.

For fringe pieces in particular, when not in use, the fringe often curls.  Have no fear!  Roll the fringe between your fingers several times and they will work themselves out.  It is best to store these items flat or hanging.  With careful treatment, all your Blue Yonder pieces should last you for years.