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New jewelry will be released roughly six times per year.

Born out of decades of tinkering with bead weaving techniques, Blue Yonder Crafted Designs creates handmade, sophisticated, bohemian jewelry. Designed to spark emotion, Blue Yonder evokes the adventurousness, positivity, and elegance of founder Shari Stern’s grandmother, Lelene Volk, and one of her favorite mantras. From an early age exploring the Boston art world with her grandmother, Shari was instilled with a love for fine art, jewelry and fashion, and an appreciation of exacting detail in a finished product.

Today, Blue Yonder is a Cleveland, Ohio-based jewelry design firm committed to creating sophisticated, timeless, bespoke jewelry. Each piece is handmade with superior materials including beads, metals, and threads, so no two are exactly the same. Blue Yonder’s unique and versatile pieces can elevate a t-shirt and jeans or transform a cocktail outfit into a bold statement.

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